Arrear Levies

Owners are urged to keep up to date with their levy commitments in order to avoid unecessary legal costs and termination of services. It is in the interest of all owners that the cash flow of the scheme is maintained.

Balustrades & Burglar Bars

Key West  has a preferred supplier for all balustrades & bars which are in line with the Complex standard.


Residents are reminded to adhere to the Conduct Rules in respect to Pet Ownership


Only garden furniture is permitted on patios. Patios form part of the common property and need to be kept tidy and maintain the aesthetics of the estate.

Noise Levels

Please ensure that noise level rules are strictly adhered to within the Estate. Please be considerate!


Welcome to Key West Estate

Grey Line.

Key West Estate is located in on the banks of the Hartbeesport Dam. The Estate boasts an upmarket quality lifestyle coupled with affordable homes in a well managed scheme.

Conveniently located close to Shopping Malls, Key West also has easy access to Main roads.

Living at Key West

Grey Line.

Key West has all the modern services such as 24 hr security with access control, regular guard patrolling, electric fencing, garden services, DSTV, Site Management services, a clubhouse with braai facilities, a tractor service for launching boats, 4 secured pool areas, squash court, tennis court and volley ball court for your recreational needs.

Key West is a strictly run Sectional Title Scheme, with vigilant Trustees focusing on upholding Sectional Title and Conduct rules, maintaining living standards along with ensuring that owners investments are protected.








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